100 Days : solo exhibition at Duluth Art Institute / by Tia Keobounpheng


I am beyond grateful to the Duluth Art Institute for my very first solo exhibition. 100 days chronicles the exploratory metal work that I completed each day for one hundred days for my MN State Arts Board grant. Similar to my daily painting practice, you can see the evolution of ideas from one day to the next. The majority of the work explores in the realm of jewelry, but for the last ten days, I gave myself permission to experiment with creating small scale sculpture pieces. Beginning as studies in creating armatures for weaving, they became the bridge to the three final sculptures in the show that are suggestive of the direction I am headed in.

THANK YOU to everyone who braved their way out into a snow storm to celebrate my opening and to hear my artist talk. You are my people and I cannot adequately express the magnitude of my love and gratitude.

Show is on view January 11th through February 17, 2018

You can see and read more in the Sculpture section of the website, as well as see a broader overview of the show under the Work tab.